What it’s Like to Have a Stalker

Why would I post this? Why now? The answer is three-fold.

1.) I do not want this madman to steal my momentum ever again. He managed it last time. He won’t this time.
2.) The police have made it clear that they are either too incompentent or too unwilling to help me with even the most basic portion of this, so I cannot count on them to protect me when he finds me again. My only hope for safety is to make this known, to make the stakes too high for him to show up.
3.) I want my online “presence” to be as raw, direct and pointed as my poetry. Until this point, I’ve been trying to cultivate an image, trying to find a niche, but my niche is bleeding onto the page. That’s what I do. That’s what I’m going to do. I stopped for a long time because of this man, because of this trauma. I’m all done with that. It’s time for me to be me, and if I’m too hard to swallow, people can choke.

I Wish You a Peaceful Christmas

Happy Holidays I hope youare among thosewho gets to go home.I wish you lovelike they show in all the movieswhere the child is neglected,the family laughswhen reunitedforgivenessflowing upward Merry…something where wine flows but isn’tnecessaryand lights glowa warm welcome insteadof a warningMore than presentsI wish you the presenceof those who bring you solace,kindnessand soft places toContinue reading “I Wish You a Peaceful Christmas”

Open Mic in the Heart of Missouri

Often a hotbed of political debate, controversy, and stodgy nothingness, Jefferson City has many reputations, often in conflict with one another. Yet somehow, none of that tension and skepticism permeates the walls of the little pub where I had the privilege to read this past Monday.

Three blocks southeast of the Missouri State Capitol building, a cozy home-away-from-home sits just behind an unassuming door.

Never Waste a Tragedy: COVID, Comorbidities, and Eugenics.

As the newest COVID variant blasts across the country and Americans are left with the message that only the weak are really getting sick, rhetoric surrounding vaccines has once again taken center stage. The plague of skepticism continues to grow and take root with outrageous assertions endangering lives, and those spouting vaccine hesitancy as intellectual scrutiny steppingContinue reading “Never Waste a Tragedy: COVID, Comorbidities, and Eugenics.”

A Straight Line from the Pulpit to the Resolute Desk.

These tiny sanctuaries turned zealotry into action. Defying their own desperate cries for separation of church and state, they stood and told congregations exactly how to vote, and they reached their hands into networks and pockets to bring voters out in droves. All with the ever-present penalty of Hell hanging like a specter from vaulted ceilings.